Monday, 15 November 2010

They Made me swallow a camera - the day..

I complained about hunger and lack of coffee, and worries ahead of the proceedure.

Then Real time took over And I tweeted the day.

If I turn up earlier than planned you think they may sort me out sooner. I'm freaking starving, and need a coffee.

I'm heading to a bus stop somewhere nearby to go to the hospital for the ghastly proceedure. ((((vanishes))))

Whats going on hospital rang I'm on bus on way. They fixing a scope cleaner. If not fixed I'll be cancelled.

On pottery lane and thinking should i get off and go home. No.

At greymare lane. Should that be nightmare lane? Visions of people frantically trying to fix a machine.
Just passed Eastlands stadium. Ugly looking thing.
On Alan Turing way. Fella just sat next to me smells of boiled beef. And another less favourable smell.

Loads of work going on next to the ground.

Just gone over the Medlock. And the old fella getting off now. Smell lingering.
Woman just got on with an imitation parking meter. It may be real though.

Oh dear someone just accused bus driver not knowing how to drive. People are strange.
Just passing the communications academy. Some on this bus may need to attend there. Lol.

If they cancel I'm going to a pub straight after the chipshop

Banging headache. And I'm at North City shops.

Just passed area i lived and the huge park i used to walk to mastiff when He was still with me.
Blackley Village now. On the home straight to the hospital. I'm getting good at tweets on a lumpy ride.

Must go find Whats going on with the machine. We're here

Well i said we're here. I'm here. I mean't the bus. Just signed into reception. Letter said 150pm but probably a bit of a wait.

No one can tell me yet if it's fixed. As before there's two people who look younger than me. Rest quite a bit older.

15 minutes past scheduled and I've had the nurse intro and questions. May be a few more minutes. Or so.

And now is the wait. I hate hospital waits. I'm starving hungry. Need a coffee too.
Fucking awful test. Nearly turned inside out 3 times. I resisted ripping the shit out.

Can't eat or drink yet for another 35 minutes. In case it goes down wrong hole.

There are other drugs for initially 2 months i must now take.

This wasn't nice. They found something they hope to stop.
Two biopsies were taken too.

Load of crap. Crap Crap. Ah well at least i know. The 2 months drugs additional should stop the rot.

When bus arrives I'm going to one of my favourite pubs have a few jars.

Bloody buses. Never on time at this hospital. Well last two times anyway. And it's getting chilly too.

Just arrived. Bus a lot warmer than at the stand. Phenomenal difference in temperature.
The test just done i nearly hyperventilated. Not for the faint hearted.
Sounds strange but they squirted oxygen up nose to shock back normal breathing

I'm sitting on bus and i can now eat and drink again. I know first thing I'm going to do when i get to the other end of this ride.

I'm more ill than i knew. I expected this though as soon as test was initially suggested
Strange words and diagrams on the doctor's report. I know what they all mean.

Just passing city ground it'll be pub very soon i need a drink.

Interlude for 4 pints

I need to go out with my mutley super beaglehound.........(((((brief appearance and vanishes again)))))

rosycottage  Oh CATS damn you and your AUDACITY!!!! >:-(


Neeeeed this walk with my dog more that you can imagine.

Interlude for Dog Walk

Very exhausted after a super intrusive proceedure that gave me a sort of hate for swallowing anything larger than a cock.

@rosycottage Audacity - nope. Bombastic Autocracy is cats - is why DOG is my thing - they RESPECT you. lol
rosycottage @Jules_Clarke haha - I say "audacity" as it is B's word for whenever the cats are naughty - "those cats have done *another* audacity Mummy!"

So im eating like fuck cos i not ate properly for a day, apart from two toast at 5,15am this morning

I shall have cheese on toast for tea, with mustard and mayo - you cannot stop me!!

Jules_Clarke @tattooed_mummy mine: barbeque pork with mayo and garlic on huge sandwich...with scotch eggs

[At the Hospital] (They use) hose with lights and cameras. only way they can poke it in properly is say "Swallow bitch" cos at one point it'll not go in less you swallow


The wristband today was PINK. i may keep it on a while longer. lol

Wheres the roasted bunny rabbit? ooops - i REALLY am hungry, i've ate loads- still bloody hungry. did they put an alien in me?

funnyordie We know Mondays can be tough, so here's a video of a sleeping kitty dreaming adorable dreams:
@funnyordie Mondays tough? try not eating since the night before and having a tube shoved down yer throat and retching to fuck after?

Gastroscopy is a nightmare. Unless absolutely necessary SAY NO. But ask, doc is it COMPLETELY needed, if yes say yes. That is all
And who volunteers to become an endoscopist? what sick twisted fuck would WANT a job like that? Day in day out making people gag and retch?
Fair play.. someones gotta do it i guess.
I have lost a few followers today from my Tweet the day.

I thank you 


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