Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Let there be light...Musings

Just realised when Im in, lights are/ have been almost on permanently since the time change.
You never really factor this in when budgeting for energy, and it shocks everyone every year it would seem.

When can we have a Clockwork house? Or a house running on expended personal energy?

Now I'm not advocating treadmills or such, but there must be energy that can be re-used in a cycle, as energy never can be expended, just transfered. A physics concept.

I remember the transference conversations all those years ago. Hit something and a noise ensues. How useful or used can that noise be. Same energy, different format.
What i'm saying - an energy format converter?
Yeah we have solar
Yeah we have clockwork
Yeah we have wind

What about a kinetic converter whatever that may be. If You could harness all those keystrokes from offices and homes? How would that work? 

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