Friday, 12 November 2010

How Friday morning Greeted me...

In the morning I introduced it with a Tweet of Wonder: the field/green out back that WAS covered in leaves now isnt. BUT where did they go? And an attempt at humour : Right caught up. Some one needs broadband, someone needs heating, someone needs ego stroked, someone needs a shag. Usual morning tweets. - Which made sense to me . 

And so I said So lets add to them. I need a pot of coffee and to take my tablets, and prepare for a civil works / environmentals style meeting...

Up comes rosycottage @Jules_Clarke I'm eating toast :)

Which was absolutely fine, and dare I say funny (well in light of the head perspective I had at that moment it was indeed delivered at the precise moment that inane became insanely funny).

At this point I replied to Rosy , saying Ive just took seven tablets in succession.! Nearly gagged twice, not like me to gag. lol

Tattooed Mummy was on about the Twitter Joke trial aftermath. 
As apparently were Breakfast time at 8.20, Radio 4, Radio 5 mentioned it etc.

I added "gag" as a reference of what happens if something gets stuck in your throat, not as a legal reference to stop a particular subject being discussed, neither that or a particular fetish item on the BDSM scene. And I added a LOL at the end.

And whilst composing this initial part of "what I shall blog today" I realised something. I needn't tell you what that is, but it is INTENSELY liberating within my brain.

And the dog woofed.

Carol Vorderman, Greater Manchester Police and Grant Shapps, Minister for housing all passed my eyes, and peoples fury over #twitterjoketrial seemed to have abated "a bit"

I didn't read Some blogs that were posted. I had the aftermath of a mental mobbing last evening to deal with and sort out the reality of a group of obnoxiously paranoid non active supposedly active committee members. That's too much to go into.... But apparently (in their view) doing positive is destructive, and doing something is condemned, and the more you do , they feel inadequate and yet still do nothing... apart from castigate the one that's getting things done - with phrases like Why Didn't you bring it to committee? 

I have answers to stuff like that, 1) they don't understand what they're supposed to do 2) not everything is a committee matter - why wait 6-8 weeks for next committee meet when it can be done NOW for the benefit of all.

I digressed and expunged stuff I had no intent to write see above two paragraphs, but it feels right on reading it back.

One of my incoming email said 8pm for Tuesday, when it meant 8am.

My phone rang, not with the Flintstones theme, but a dedicated "other" tone which is a Dalek screaming EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE! So essentially I knew the call wasn't from a caller I particularly like to speak to- get the irony of the ringtone? Or is that simply purile and how do you say? "Naff"? 

And so with preparations for meeting about Environmental Improvements to about 6 estates, and a dog to walk That is how the day greeted me. 

I thank you


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