Friday, 24 May 2013

I.T inclusion? Widespread? Myth. Reality.

How the hell do i help the guy that sms'd me re needing computer cos its too fucking difficult without?

 Theres the netbook i could give, but their connection then becomes an issue.

I HATE positions like this.

 I've been admirably helped myself yet cant do it in return unless they already have a net connection .

 If had spare lappy could enable it ubuntu trouble free and fast, but then the connection issue causes me a pain in the arse cos its all ZERO money all round.

I know what people need but CANT do it.

And yet they ask.

There'll be many of you in same position as this.

 Its awful.

I suspect the request is due to Govt drive towards everything on line. I wrote about this on my blog a while back. Welcome to realisation. This will happen more.

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