Sunday, 26 May 2013

Heres a Thing about Bowels...and forms..and well, read..

For those that dont like Bowel related stuff the pic below represents , in part the PAIN of a bowel disorder. 

 I was helping someone with their ESA50. they have a violent bowel release problem amongst other things.

 And pains too. 
I too suffer with a bowel problem. Different than theirs, but kindred solidarity and understanding between us exists regarding these matters. 

I asked them to wait whilst i dealt with my urgent *please dont argue* bowel signal .

 We laughed cos he just said before i got there 
"whilst you are here keep the loo clear" 
And it was unclear as to whether I had the right to usurp clear passage to the toilet, but I certainly did, I had no choice.

The loo often calls out to people. Sometimes we imagine it even has a personality and magnetism of its own.... 
"Come on you know you wanna!" 

Oh what larks us invisibly ill people have.

 I wish the government NONE of my problems. 

But I want all the forms shit and stress from their systems denying incomes to be bottled and force fed to every last on of them .

 I want them to know that their health and priviledge is but a blip. 
and they could instantly fall foul of many mental or physical issues , 
seen or unseen. 
How quick would they change their attitudes then. 

Post script: IDS is a kept Man. I wish upon him withdrawal of all his priviledged benefits.

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