Saturday, 4 May 2013

Age Restricted Properties in 2013 causing problems without justification

I'm Collating Situations here where age restrictions are getting in the way of Housing need.

Hi Jules,

I've had problems with two 1 bed flats being age restricted so far.  The company that runs the bidding site has removed the restriction because of my disability, but it has been the actual Housing Associations who have denied me permission to continue with the bids.

In the first instance, the most suitable, I was informed that the HA were advertising on behalf of a management company, and it was these that were being strict on the 55 and over rule.  This flat is now up for bids for a 4th time and has been empty for a couple of months from what I understand.  It's ridiculous.

The second flat was not ideal, but it was my own HA's property and they denied me permission to bid on it.

My wife and I are finding that many of the properties we're allowed to bid on are simply not suitable for us or have an age restriction, and these problems have made us reluctant to bid on them.

I am going to speak to my newly elected County Councillor, Azhar Ali, on Monday, as well as the leader of Pendle Borough Council, Joe Cooney, with regards to this.  Unfortunately my local MP, Andrew Stephenson, believes completely in the Bedroom Tax and has been of very little assistance.  I am, however, hoping to speak to him on these age restrictions - I'll let you know if he responds.

If I can provide any further help, please let me know.

Best wishes,



Hi Jules,

OK. I’m currently living in a bungalow in Hertsmere, in SW Hertfordshire. They’re designated for >60s and disabled people, which is fine, but they’re extremely small and it’s impossible to use a wheelchair inside.

I have recently decided to move home to Scotland. As I have a progressive condition and I’m not that far off needing to use a wheelchair indoors, I applied for sheltered housing. The designation was “Over 60, or younger where the person could benefit from sheltered housing”. When I got the letter back with my points etc, I phoned up to enquire about how it would all work. That was when I was told that if anyone over 60 applied for a property (disabled or not), I wouldn’t get it.

As I said on Twitter – clearly if you’re under 60, you’re not allowed to be disabled!



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