Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Its ESA50 time......

Say Kids? What Time is it? OOOH ESA50 time!

I wish I could send them a picture similar to above. In fact, I might.
(for Visually Impared the picture is a comparison between healthy and non healthy colon) 

Theres pain in my bowels regularly, very regularly.

AND I HAVE TO explain that to complete unknown strangers.

How i walk when it hurts , when i lose control, how infections occur, complications, limitations etc.

Cross relations antibiotics with other tablets, risks and threats to further heath, knock on issues etc etc.

. IT'S complete bowelux in the head. (see the pun?)

The NON bowel thing is also having to be explained. The thing is ...... Just writing down *the thing* DOes not guarantee understanding.

I've said this MANY MANY times. The WCA is NOT a medical assessment. If so the disclosure of detail you must jump through and disclose would NOT be necessary. Stating the disease or ill would be sufficient.


(for Visually Impared, its a picture of Play School from childrens television)

Its play school drs and nurses. And its , yet again, doing my head in. (which , by the way I have to also explain Depression. To a supposed medical service)

Yep its ESA50 syndrome time again where my levels of stress are elevated, and im angry,

And if that happens sometimes its MUSIC time:

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