Sunday, 26 May 2013

Full Disclosure is Difficult but essential .... ESA50


Just spoke to someone about esa50 completions. 

And the thing people do is

.. breathes.. 

Disclose what they create as public image through coping mechs. 

The form and test doesnt want that. 

It wants what YOU are , not an image you create.

 Its a difficult one to see, but yes by hell ive seen people fail because full disclosure wasnt done. 

.Breathes again... 

Thats why sometimes emotion needs to be removed by someone else in assist mode to complete the form .... 

its a messy system to say the least and those on it know it is. 

I think that the design of it all is completely there to strip peoples rights and dignity away.

Thats no light thing to say. But its how i feel about it right now. This might mean NOTHING to some who read this.

And page 5 is where all the reasons they shouldnt call you in , with page 17 also available if any questions were inappropriate or werent explained correctly within the limited options they give. 

Some wont be called in BECAUSE of the ESA50, if it is done correctly , and in truth they shouldnt be called in. 

Else its this: 

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