Sunday, 1 February 2015

The One where I, Again, Say "But you dont look Ill" should be banned.

 (angry at disbelief)

Symptomatic diverticular disease. What do YOU know about it? This morning someone said: Lots have diverticular and it doesnt affect.

The key is SYMPTOMATIC. YEAH? I despair sometimes trying to explain to people why stuff.

Ive had TWO repairs to sigmoid, and close eps of peritinitus . Granted. Some are diverticular affected without any of this. I'm Not. People err towards But Thats not normally the case. NO IT ISNT. Thats why im ill and they aint. Wassocks.

 Also theres not just the bowel thing. One of the other things has a Blue Pill

My Blue Pill

Adverse effects

The most common side effects associated with tenofovir include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and asthenia. Less frequent side effects include hepatotoxicity, abdominal pain, and flatulence. Tenofovir has also been implicated in causing renal toxicity, particularly at elevated concentrations.

Tenofovir can cause acute renal failure, Fanconi syndrome, proteinuria, or tubular necrosis. These side effects are due to accumulation of the drug in proximal tubules. Tenofovir can interact with didanosine by increasing didanosine's concentration. It also decreases the concentration of atazanavir sulfate.

Its known as an HIV treatment, although im on it for a different reason. Its a bastard drug.

And yet the bus pass people know im on it and "evidence isnt enough to give you a bus pass"

How ill do you have to be? 
 Im pissed off with lack of belief. The but you dont look ill thing is rearing its head again.
 Asthenia. thats spoonie.

 And i get "why arent you out more?"

Reasons? 1) money 2) tiredness 3) may have gut ache 4) none of your business.

 The drive to normalise you by other people (if thats correct word use) without understanding can REALLY get to people with chronic illness.

 But I know. (my illnesses) Even if they dont.

 SO WHY is there such DISBELIEF of people telling the truth re illness? UNCOMFORTABLE TRUTH- reason is? > MEDIA AND GOVT RHETORIC

 When things tire you out so you have to be "efficient" with all engagement. THATS A BLOODY skill i wish i never had to learn to that degree. I didnt VOLUNTEER to be ill, its not a "Lifestyle Choice" .

No one chooses to be ill, it frustrates many people. Not least the ill person. You think YOURE pissed off? Think again o healthy ones.

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