Saturday, 14 February 2015

Injury recovery- making more Progress.

As some of you know i had a very nasty breakage to ankle and parts of foot, and nerves damage etc.

This was July 6th PM 2014 - about 10.30pm .

The progress now is OUTSIDE without the one crutch that I moved to a few weeks back now.

So yesterday was first OUTING , a dog walk actually, without any device to assist whatsover.

It was wierd. I knew it would be. (ive had mobility imparing injuries before)

So perambulation then without support...

I did okay. Until a nervy stumble. so I sat on the wall that was near. The dog was completely unphased by this.

A passer by said to his companion "Leave him, he's pissed" - she'd probably said "is he alright ?" or something, i dont know , i couldnt hear that.

Pissed? NO. recovering from a gruesome injury, trying out first time without crutch. Unaccompanied. Yes.

Be careful how you see things because sometimes they are nothing like you would assume .

I unleased a short loud profanity on hearing this and then shortly carried on my walk, successfully.

Todays 2 dog walks both sans crutch were rather less eventful, apart from random twinges in foot and dull pain across my toes. But this is progress nonetheless. And im determined it shall continue.

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