Thursday, 5 February 2015

Ever wondered what adverts do to your brain. ?

Well I just OBSERVED what one did to mine...

There was a Samsung  Galaxy note 4 advertisement on telly.

So I looked at my htc hero (which was a gift as previous phone bricked out on a software upgrade). Then thought WANT ONE. AND then cancelled any Want one, as cant afford one.

 So then I looked at my HP slate 7 HD tablet thinking. "hmm whys it not a phablet." Ah cos that was a gift. right. and fits its purpose.

Then i thought about my puter. Its not a new iMac, its an old iMac. PPC architecture too, on tiger. But it canes what i need to do, and that was a gift too.
 The spec is modest by all modern standards but i can fly on it.

And then.... see it cascaded...

 Looked at landline phone. its cordless. really basic no answerphone. Cheap. was all i could afford.

Thats what an ad can do to a brain.

BTW the ad i saw? On an OLD OLD Panasonic Quintrix CRT telly that only has one scart socket.


Its enuf ta drive ya nuts , innit.

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