Wednesday, 4 February 2015


My friend needs an electric wheelchair.

They said this but gave NO FUNDS ...

I have a paypal button on this blog.

I dont plea.

My mate needs this chair and he's helped many that will read this blog.

Wheelchair Services Wont give him what he needs for a validated Life.

Thats why he needs the chair. Do send money to the button on my blog so that i can help my friend. If you do he'll help you

Target (Was estimated originally at 3k. was revised to actual price.) 

I promise its all for him

The button says "help me help others" i cant be more honest than that


Steve decided a gofund me page was best >

You can help via here or via there. Thank you

UPDATE :  sat 7th feb Shortly before 1pm today the Go fund me reached target. My friend shall have his chair. Good news indeed.

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