Saturday, 31 January 2015

Theres a lot written about Sanctions.. a bit more..

I Read this about sanctioned people still required to do Work Programme: (On ) : -
"Can you imagine the torment that they feel? The feeling of constantly being hungry and cold? The workfare placement is torture to them. They won’t have much strength to do the work required. If they aren’t doing their work to a so called standard then the workfare provider can report them to the Jobcentre who can sanction them again on top of their sanction."


And theres been many commentaries decrying any COMPARISONS to enforced work/ slavery? 

Think on this: In * a place* in europe, in WW2 A V2 rocket factory had a work-camp allocated to it. Inadequate food was given. But not only did they work at the factory - they were asked FOR NO REASON to carry rocks each day for a 1/4 mile walk. Many died.

The scenario described above - Its not far from forced to do work programme whilst hungry, weak, demoralised, punished.

Both scenarios remove freedom. Both are Punitive. Both extremely unhealthy.

Id say more. But Really I think point made.

Some , like IDS, say sanctions drive compliance? No they drive Destitution.

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