Friday, 9 January 2015

A brief tight view of Customer Experience Management.

Customer EXPERIENCE. : How people perceive their interactions. With a thing. That exists. See?

Key role of C.E.M. is achieve maximum lifetime profit from the entire customer/ user base .

That means a lot more than just its words.

 Usually anything C.E.M. does must improve profits, its central to what it IS.

Its VERY close to but distorted from VFM. Where traditional output and outcome is replaced with Focused lower complaints more Right First Time and ultimate outcome = zero or positive impact on profit.

 Usually C.E.M. can say - This better. Obviously it costs this to do. But if return isnt there ( accts dont like the sums, say) then it wont get done. Remember C.E.M. is a corporate revenue generator / loss avoider as a function.

C.E.M. can justify anything that has zero profit impact. Or a +ve one.

-ve one will mean mostly mean NO.

UNLESS -ve for Retention of contract/ avoidance of penalties/ retaining supply chain/ keeping customers /as a matter of public image etc is ok as is mitigation and loss prevention justified.

Even a -VE may be assessed for long term return and be dismissed. 

Theres loads more to it. This is only a part of what C.E.M. does.


  1. The problem is that "her" customers have no option to go somewhere else to "experience" anything other than 100% poverty and/or death.

    1. We can wait and see what changes can be made. There's a lot more to it than that.