Thursday, 4 July 2013

WIthout Predjudice to Boycotts ...

DEEP THOUGHT: Boycotting M&S (or any other shop) wont change govt policy to the vunerable whether you can or cant boycott it. Work Programme will find opportunist outlets, and i'm sure people are queueing to participate for lower labour costs. That labour is often, or could be, or perception is, that sick people are put in WRAG group, and forced to work for benefits. THIS IS GOVT. What company under that offer would not take free labour? The system sets it as an option. The system that assesses people Fit To work, or unworthy of a wage is a magnet to the companies. That system is an assessment system called Work Capability Assessment , which is failing with huge appeals. BMA hate it want it ceased, claimants and entitled persons are being made destitute by it. There are DWP own figures on that about destitution. ( Work programme exists in WRAG and for JSA persons too, I'm not excluding the plight of JSA recipients, as some of them, too should have ESA) MY passion is the correct target, not the fringes. If i say Not everyone can boycott, no, not everyone can. But everyone can sign #WOWpetition even friends and family of those in the *melee* of the system. So A plea, from me. 

Get the right target in focus, dont dilute, dont fight, or be driven by side issues and indirects. The best way is to unite, and fight this USING their system (my view right now) This is why I support #WOWpetition, and why I hope you will sign it. Jules.

I mention AGAIN theres nothing wrong with boycotts . 

I also include here an ace blog which describes The conundrum of 

Ethics, buying power, and why we can't all shop by conscience.


  1. Actually Jules it is becoming more and more difficult for M&S or other chains to set up this 'workfare' or work experience programmes. We just need to take them down one at the time, if we cannot fight the government.
    And we are pretty successful at it.
    Anita Bellows

    1. I said nothing wrong with boycott. I took a wider picture.

  2. I think workfare is actually one of the places where we can affect government policy. If not directly because of boycotting then because of the negative publicity that people can drum up by talking about boycotting. It doesn't matter if it's not all that many people actually taking part in the boycott; it's the perceived magnitude of the impact of it and social media amplifies that perception in the eyes of the employers. With employers keep dropping out of workfare schemes it will become difficult to find places. We can make life difficult for the government even if we can't change their minds.

    It is important that people realise that many people just can't boycott but it's also a good idea to keep up a diverse range of attacks on these awful policies - boycotts, petitions, storming parliament and the rest.

    1. Thank you steve. As I said at lead........... Without predjudice... Nice comment, thanks.