Monday, 17 November 2014

I talk a lot about fairness i think..

Ive blogged a lot about fairness, rhetoric and stuff like that - distortions exist all the time . Im pretty aware of injustice.

I hope regular readers see the fact that sometimes my blog is personal sometimes helpful info, comment, justice, reporting and sometimes guested examples that i will bring in.

Im not recognised as having a platform, thats not why I do this.

I probably have a pre primed readership that will agree with what i write? who knows.

I dont write in a phenomenally complex academic style, but complex sometimes, and yet i hope people see what I mean.

Enough of the diatribe.

I found a thing in the guardian . It says what Ive always thought so I wont write anything more than this article says .

It says that TORIES have consistently LIED about their opposition. 

And in the spirit of FAIRNESS that i subscribe to I share that article here

Click : The Tories Lied About Labour's Economic Record

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