Friday, 14 November 2014

When you send it Can they see your info?

When you communicate – does your audience actually get to see what you want them to?

Digital inclusion is a big thing. and so digital comms are growing exponentially in housing.
Heres a rub/ a hole/ a whatever you wish to call it..

The issue is your tenants may not have the kit to cope with the latest whizzbang graphics or special requirement software.

This may sound like a “no shit sherlock” statement.

BUT i came across a landlord that put out info on twitter that was called a Prezi.

Presentation. Of info.

But think of what that means deeper. A lot of people are getting tablets as their go to IT kit, and smartfones. And mainly Android.

Prezi requires the very latest flash player. Android doesnt support the flash required to view a prezi. Even some computers cant upgrade to it because people are running the kit , whatever kit , they can afford with older operating systems too.

Not all of them will be able to do huge workarounds to see a Prezi. Theres an Unofficial work around for android to view prezi . but lots wont want unofficial workarounds on their tablets or phones.

The Landlord concerned thanked me for the feedback and hope will take on board what I highlighted.

So think very carefully about denominators – who can see the info?

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