Tax leaflet or Targetted Anti Welfare Propoganda?

The announcement by CCHQ , HM Treasury amongst other govt departments that for the first time ever a leaflet was going with Tax Summaries for income tax payers seemed rather suspicious when :

Certain universal taxes duties and charges creating govt income from the UK population were not included .

It is based around Income Tax.

The summary of spending is only to be given to income tax payers receiving summaries.

When welfare is prevalent message "where do your taxes go - ooh look - welfare"

This reinforces previous rhetoric of "Looking after people costs too much money"

There are many media examples of this shameful rhetoric.

Theres a backflow from Welfare payments through VAT and other charges, which would if being fair, significantly reduce effect of welfare on income tax payers when considering net spending impact .

Its highly selective.

Oh MP expenses and Salaries come from tax revenue? Why is no percentage given for that? Is that because theres a HUGE payrise due?

The slant to this leaflet disturbs me as continuance of negative rhetoric, and also if:

Theres approximately 60 million in this country and only 24 million leaflets... does that make it seem like party propoganda based on distorted message and delivered by a nudge psychology method?

AND if it is Party Messaging shouldnt CCHQ pay for it and not as assumed so far the HMRC/ Treasury ?

These are questions.

Heres one glaring anamoly:

Ah but there is an election coming... 


  1. Good points indeed.
    Earlier this year,No.10 sent personalised letters signed by Cameron himself concerning the "Employment Support Allowance" .
    1It was an HMRC matter
    2Personal information was supplied to No 10
    3.The letter was peppered with well worn phrases of Government rhetoric -"hard working taxpayers";"long term economic plan"
    4.It was sent to many that the initiative did not apply to including sick/disabled /carers who utilise the direct payment scheme.
    I complained as to the blatant propaganda,and disregard of consequence direct to the PM .The HMRC replied in lieu merely reiterating the scheme and the caveat contained in the letter "check eligibility"


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