Thursday, 22 October 2015

The Workie Advert


Re Workie ad .
i emailed my mp on that as follows :

Im a bit annoyed, as im sure many are with the advertising of workplace pensions at a cost of £8.5 million pounds.
And the animated monstrosity character beggars belief, directed at adults on a very serious matter, and its a joke?
And the name of the character, "Workie" .
This purports to be the Government of the country, and this latest farcical action is one of many many actions where their arrogance, or even dare I say vanity, becomes entirely nonsensical.

I wouldnt know what to suggest apart from expression of scorn, at a minimum. But One thing for sure, many see it as   a ludicrus wasteful act, from the teflon minister who can do no wrong in their own eyes. (in others eyes he shouldve left that role years ago)