Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Is DWP to be placed in Foodbanks empty PR? a question /comment.

Lets look at a charity. with a building. its workers, its responsibiities. 

And Look at if You or I could waltz up and say i wanna work in your building , with your clients, with our rules, you must let me. 

What would they say? Yeah probably that of which you are thinking. 

Yet DWP POSSIBLY going into foodbanks (charities/their buildings) doesnt raise this sort of question in your mind? 

Power, space, furniture, risk etc ? 
How the hell does anyone see this working ? Co-operation? sheesh. What about them as harranging enough, and being sort of safe spaces away from what CAUSED the visit in the first place? 

I dont see this as a good thing. Independent advisors non DWP connected , by arrangement, possibly.
 Enforced WE are DOING this sort of stuff. I would see as very problematic indeed.

Struggling charities though may decide to say OKAY , should there be cost contribution from DWP. 

But I do think its a very very shaky idea, and i say that using KIND words. You probably know what i really mean by that.