Friday, 6 November 2015

Change of focus.

When two worlds collide…

With my Internet, energy bills, phone, and other personal stuff, Im gonna find busfares/travelling and justifying some of the costs of helping people difficult.
I will help as much as i can, but ive got personal stuff, and thats at quite a cost, so the helping etc will need to be less, but....

Online not a problem.

Phone calls, letters, busses , meet ups etc will all be affected.

With the personal side i need to do, i'll be short on disposable for helping by about £150 a month. probably for at least three yrs.

Dont think i'm impolite if i say "i cant afford it"
Tthis already has happened twice since the personal thing cropped up.

Theres a donate button up top right margin can help .

Can you help me carry on helping people? This isnt an easy ask .

Thank you .

1 comment:

  1. My personal stuff takes majority of my time, and money that's something I don't have. Could do something else to support your work as I live in Stockport 😌