Saturday, 21 November 2015

The War On Terror, 50's Detective short story style.

Memoires: A short story of Our Hero.

It was a bad week. And i remember …

My mind that night was running wild "its dark im sure that noise was indian jeshi, creeping round corner. i was threatened i crept from office, shot him. i was right"
' i stood in the dock the following wednesday, I was shaking, but knew the truth, i knew the judge was on my side`"
"the judge confirmed, Jeshi was overheard talking about strange subject in the pool hall, "

"stuff we couldnt understand, my shooting was upheld as just, homeland was protecrted once more"

"Later in my life , i found Jeshi was innocent, but at the time it was right. How was i to know he was promotingn peace not threat"

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