Saturday, 28 November 2015

The one where you fill a form in for someone

One of the helpys earlier was form filling, as often is. for someone  

They shake.

Pen is impossible. 

She Is sister of someone i know, her brother doesnt help her much.

So the basic . i filled form in exactly as she wanted . she only needed a scribe.

Oh She'll get it posted. I was the scribe remember,wasnt asked for that, no more than scribe. Was In to do least as was asked. i wont intrude/insult Thats skill in itself.

I might never see that person again either. thats how it goes. But i might , she's sister of someone i know, so who knows.

All the helpys stay in head untill head is too full, and some fall out.

I write about this one wondering why brother didnt do it?

We also sorted this out in a pub thats quite close to strangeways . quietly.

Some helps i do dont want neighbours seeing strangers visit, so they get to Other places. Its about embarrassment sometimes. And remaining question is why couldnt the brother do it?

I wasnt ASKED for any other assistance. were they embarrassed? or was that helpy a hole they needed filling. I think the latter

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