Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Some people … some people eh?

Earlier by the market i went to walk by a bloke with a malmute sort of dog .

He shouts out dont bring your dog near here. his dog goes a bit ballistic, no reprimand from the bloke sat holding dogs lead only, no attempt at all to bring dog closer to him to make it easier for me to pass with mine, mine being completely utterly calm.

Then later, i return another way and he's sitting on a bench, same dog . and says "I thought youd learnt first time dotn bring your dog by here"

Me? "im entitled to walk by"

Him follows with a stream of abuse ….

You shouldnt have a fucking dog even though its only a fucking mutt" Amongst other shouty shite. Still not concerned at all about his dog that was going a bit mad on the lead he was holding .

As i turn corner, an older man behind me calls to me, and said "what the hell is his problem ? jesus, you okay? " Both of us incredulous at the fella and his dog (both of their) behaviours.

The fella with the dog crossed road to market and was screaming and shouting with some other youths that hed crossed to meet , which i could see as that was opposite the corner.

My dog? calm through the lot of it.

Im wondering actually if HE should have a dog, to be honest.

some people eh?

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