Monday, 30 November 2015

Thinking Can Be Spooky

A different type of blog, I think, based on the thought that thinking can be spooky 
Dont ask me to define spooky though. I wont , that up to you. 

Giving self space to think sometimes is good 
other times its disgusting, or disgustingly delicious. 

Regardless how described its disturbing if it isnt a norm you usually do. 
(Disturbing in widest terms, stay with me on this) 

This is something that I thought before I wrote THIS POST. Thing is the me time i intended when i blogged previously about me time wasnt actually happening because the difficult NO's werent said. 

Two have over the weekend and I feel the disturbance in the force, if that can be used as a description. 

However, it is gonna be slightly different , and … see ? 

THATS THE POINT I SEE CIRCULAR LOOP > thoughts can go round and round and round. Probably this post makes zero sense, did i intend it to? Or Not? Then I think on that too.
Thinking is spooky, sometimes.

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