Saturday, 17 October 2015

I was wondering about views on Uniformity...

I was wondering about views on uniformity,

Do we all like coffee? No. The same Uniform coffee, if we do? No.

If we are tired? Is their one Uniform explanation? No

And then i was thinking , so what if there was Uniform, simplistic system for dealing with needs and rights of people, when the answers to Do We All, are often NO?

A sort of Occam's Razor Fits All type thing? Which sort of wouldnt work.

And then that threw Universal Credit into my mind. What a shambles.

One solution doesnt always fit all. You can tend to uniformity, but really need to build in  as much as is needed.. and my head stopped...

And then I ran out of thinking for blogging this.

But then , i saw this from the blogger at, a mental health blogger, it wasnt blogged though, it was thrown to the wind that is social media.

This basically is what I was thinking of … they wrote..

"Whenever a simple solution like a one-size-fits-all pay structure or uniform benefits system is proposed or imposed, the people who lose out are those whose individual circumstances were previously taken into account (AND SERIOUSLY ARENT ANYMORE) ; so, those for whom a sink-or-swim model fits - those in power, those for whom society already works - don't. And, since the latter are making the decisions, they think it makes things more fair.

Those who see reasons as excuses, circumstances as weakness, individuals as messy, will favour straightforward simplicity. Well, they would.

Making adjustments to enable people to participate more fully in society may seem more complex, but it's what makes us human. "

Mightnt make much sense to some, but ..

Do you see?

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