Thursday, 1 November 2012

Love Random Acts Of Kindness?

Guest Blog ...

As GISHWHES has begun, one thing that is very important me, and all
GISHWHES peeps is the RandomActs.
Part of the GISHWHES items is a way of promoting random acts of
kindness towards the world, whether it's helping a neighbor carry in
his/her food home from the store to helping animals that are in a
shelter or volunteering at a place to that helps people or animals in
need. And so much more. Or simply saying "Have a good day" to someone
for no reason at all.
You are now wondering, what is GISHWHES well...


A spectacular mind-blowing artistic Global Scavenger Hunt hosted by
actor Misha Collins. Last year, everyone who participated broke a
Guinness World Record and the winning team joined Misha for a romantic
dinner in Rome.
Many of the participants claimed it was a life-changing experience
that pulled them out of their shell and completely changed their
outlook on life. This year, the Winning Team will be joining Misha in
Scotland and staying in a private haunted castle.

Now back to the reason for this email.
Random Acts is a non-profit organization that's aiming to conquer the
world, one random act of kindness at a time. Their dedicated to
funding and inspiring acts of kindness around the
As well as their about page;

With that said, my question for you is to make a pledge to do a random
act of kindness before the end of 2012.
Here is how;

Make your pledge. And as a kindness to my GISHWHES team, add in the
Email Address of the person who referred you:
(which is me)

I offer a thank you if you do so. After you have done that you will be
on a different page. There you can ask others via Email to sign up for
this pledge, as a way of giving forward. Giving forward to the belief
that we all can do acts of kindness to change the world, one act of
kindness at a time. And if you do that as well, I thank you very much.
On a side note, it doesn't matter to me if whom ever you get to pledge
after you pledge puts down my email. I will be just happy that they
pledged. :D
But please do ask them to use my email :D lol

Much love and acts of kindness ,

*Many Thanks



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