Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Stupidity of Cuts - An example.

Theres a centre near to here that does fantastic work with Gorton and close by areas' Learning Disabled persons. 

Its going to close. 

In favour of a centre quite a distance away.

But, apparently , theres no money to sort regular transport for the centres users to the alternate place and the users of the centre thats closing have been told to "use the bus".

The users , carers and families have set up a protest campaign about this as some of these people will have difficulties with buses, and its quite a distance away. 

One of the leaders in the community, one of the people I deal with quite a bit, has asked for serious investigation into this via our MP. 

Its appalling that these individuals are being quite literally trounced. 

If you are reading this, please remember this at next General Election.

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  1. The huge problem is that, at the general election, the Tories will take 2p off income tax, or a point of two off VAT, and the moronic electorate will welcome them back with a majority.