Friday, 12 October 2012

Are you Wondering if DWP hate Atos?

Just had chat with a fellow "warrior" if thats what we're called, and they have great contact with advice services,

they are mooting that lots of DWP staff HATE atos and the extra work it causes,

this is understandable,

but when you also factor in that the DWP could and did do IB assessments originally, and having a role removed may give rise to a deep seated organisation resentment, as the number of instances like mine where DWP phone you and tell you theyve overturned the Atos Fit For Work recommendation on their report are apparently rising quite a lot.

This mainly identified as Atos not actually considering ALL of the info on the ESA50 and missing stuff from their reports.

I concurred with him that when everyone realises the totality of this debacle and that they did nothing , there will be a lot of heavy guilt widespread, if these people have any humanity.

How anyone works within current system is beyond what I could do myself as a HUMAN BEING, I bet a lot say "But at least I've got a job" But I couldnt do what they do. EVER.


  1. No doubt exactly the same excuses used by the NAZI'S will come out, "Orders are orders" "Befehl ist befehl"! My worry is how many people will be driven to suicide by this most vicious and vindictive ever government?

  2. i think that they must do jules, at my interview, the woman was amazingly symoathetic (my personal advisor) but you could see she was also assessing me. and yes, lots of silly questions were still asked but you could sense who's side she was on (i happened to mention the march for the alternative at the time and hinted that i was all for keeping the private sector out) and that i understood the PCS points of view. I dont think it made a difference to the outcome of the interview but there was a sense of sympathy between us. a common understanding about what is going on.

    i note that the other day adam boulton at sky made a so called freudian slip and called them nazis. (tories that is) i never would have thought that that phrase would ever come back but i am seeing it more and more, and more seriously meant too. one cannot help but make comparisions, i am just glad that we havent started building chambers. I am increasingly afraid Jules, not just in the general political arena but also in day to day life, a good friend of mine has effectively been banned from a cafe due to a complication of her illness. I have also decided not to go in because of the bad atmosphere. its awful. but i wont stop fighting, even if it kills me, i wont.