Thursday, 25 October 2012

Getting Personal Part 2

Invisible Illness. ..... So they identify 1st off a virus, they name it, fail to find a successful suppression for years and it damages an organ. Causes fatigue twice over now. the organ, and the continued viral presence. They find a way to suppress it but not rid the virus -with tablets that make me insomnia prone and dizzy prone and can cause digestive issues, and the previous treatments in plural all made me feel shit too . Then they identify reflux, and lesions in stomach, repeatedly, and give anti biotics every so often, then they identify diverticular disease, for symptoms that have been present all the time theyve been treating the virus. And They DONT recognise Fatigue related to the organ damage as functions are "reasonable" and within "acceptable limits" AND THAT Fatigue and its resultant crap through the body ( with all sorts of spin offs) although constantly i mention it . The fatigue worries me more than a lot of the stuff, which could be wrong, but the fatigue is massive, and the feely bit of all thats happening. Apart from Bowel Pain and weird stuff that happens with body. They identify at least 6 things and name them , and then understand it causes PART of the head issues. No where has it been "Joined Up Thinking"

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