Saturday, 13 October 2012

Getting Personal

There are times when I try to explain things .

There are times when I'm "misunderstood"

The misunderstanding times i really get upset about, but often theres no reason for the misunderstandings.

The issues I have are INVISIBLE to the system.
I have a couple of problems with my body, which are, in fact, very serious. They are Classed by hospital as Chronic.

I read somewhere that living with life threatening chronic illness is oft accompanied my pretty complex head issues. I cant back reference a link, because thats a "No Brainer" in common parlance.

But the "System" doesnt see the fullness of what that does to me, and has given me ESA WRAG.

I dont have care plan, extra entitlements or anything. I simply do not qualify.

You can see the post re Personal Advisor Interview on this blog.

See , misunderstanding? Its in the System, and spreading to people outside the system ( see media influenced attitudinal change in the nation we call home) .

Just thought a bit of personal stuff on the blog would help people understand a bit more.

Medical Schmedical Details I have omitted, as writing them out again would crash me. Disclosure is never easy.

Many Thanks, Keep strong

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  1. As far as me and people I know who have been through the ESA wringer no one is getting support group, even a friend who's consultant psych insisted he get support was put in WRAG at appeal (after initially getting zero points). So if it's any consolation you are not alone, they are doing this to sodding everyone.