Friday, 19 October 2012

The TORY future for those not yet sick / disabled perhaps?


  1. This was derived from Martin Niemoller's original, as seen on this link to Holocaust Encyclopedia ( ) and the main above post was an image that hit my email inbox.

  2. Absolutely perfect juxtapositioning with this Gov'ts ideological WAR against the sick & disabled in our "Big Society"
    Just as the Nazi's needed a section of society to use as scapegoats for ALL of Germany's ills (In their case the Jews) so the modern Tory led Gov'ts choice in defaming & blaming the sick & disabled.
    With a more than compliant press media, the BBC terrified lest they be split up by a vengeful Gov't, a sustained "Whispering" campaign by junior MPs eager to please, the outcome is inevitable. ALL of us are SCROUNGING LAYABOUTS, fit for enforced labour, (where did THAT idea come from?) worked to death! Still counting, and don't you DARE ask for help! Nothing wrong with you! The computer and our "Highly Trained" (Well, a couple of days on a course!) says NEIN! Oops, sorry we meant NO! Now get out and don't bother us again! Oh! And don't forget, "ARBEIT MACHT FRIE"!

  3. Why do the left counter-argue governmental decisions with nothing more than abuse and childish name-calling? Are there really no other measures that will work better? Back to the playground and remember - Nazis were/are Socialists.

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