Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Painful benefits system?

Just spoke to a fella with a very bad back whilst I was walking dog. 
He was walking home from a WRAG meeting holding his back, in pain. 
He said "we must keep moving if we're talking , else i'll seize up, had to walk to jobcentre and back as couldnt afford bus or taxi" 
He was in obvious pain. 
This folks is the UK in 2012 under the Tories

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  1. Amazing isn't it? I always described this country as a third world country when I arrived here in 1984, under Thatcher. And I saw it changing, evolving, its Health Service become even better what what was considered the best health service in the world. It was not perfect but there was a really feeling that things were changing for the better. That feeling is gone, and I am terrified of the future and of a government which is even more ruthless I could ever imagine.

  2. I was found fit for work in april I had all my benefits stopped. The only advice the dwp "could' give was to claim jsa. I stuck it out with support from my daughter and brother.(they fed my wife and I) and still are. I won an appeal on the sixth of november. I had to take my decision letter to local job centre because they had not recieved a copy. Still waiting. My "bad back" consists of arthritis, spinal stenosis, and two bulging discs. Due another operation. Had one five years ago on two other discs. DWP were told my problem is degenetative, they still found me fit for work and stopped both dla and esa. Worked all my life up untill 3 years ago. Am now financally house bound. I can not walk far and can not afford taxis. A bus ride would hurt to much. Thank you Condems you have lived up to your name.