Monday, 5 November 2012


REAL FEAR FROM T Hemingford......

This isn't easy but it looks like my wife will be going into a nursing home.

I'm sick just thinking about it.

I'll still see her everyday, but her care needs now go beyond what I can do and what I can do at home.

My wife has got a lot worse and it's not been easy. Between the pain and the painkillers, we've not had much conversation for a long time.

It's really hard on the kids. We've had a tough year, Twitter has been my main link to the outside world this year.

We've been worried about growing bills and about how much more money we might lose.

 I don't care anymore. Cameron can take it all. They're making life hell for me and my children. They've been bullied at school because they know mum & dad are disabled. They see it on TV, one the news, in the papers and repeat it. My wife has always been a worrier and I've no doubt her anxieties over money around 6/8 months ago contributed to her getting so worse.

She was worried day in day out.

She's lost her fight and our recent brief conversations have been full of hopelessness and depression.

It's just too hard for me now, though. I am but one man and not 100% fit at that. I have to move forward for myself and our children.

 But I don't know how.

You cannot believe the contempt and hatred I now feel towards David Cameron and this Government for what they've done to us. I'll still see my wife everyday at the home and tend to her. She's still my wife, though I cannot lie that our relationship has drifted in recent years, as disability has taken parts of her from me. It's not the same anymore and it breaks my heart. I don't know why I'm writing this, I guess I need to talk, but I'm not one for bothering GPs unless I need to. We had a manageable life up until a few years ago. If only people knew how much families like mine depend on our income. Even I don't know how we'll cope with even less coming in and more higher bills in the future. When things get so bad we all question whether being is a blessing. I don't know what I'll do in the future. I was planning to give Twitter up but it feels as though I need it now. I talk with my children but I'm still a parent to them, not like talking adult to adult. And it's hard to get out. I still have a disabled child to care for. I never thought any government would do what they've done to us. I hope you are proud Mr Cameron.
-------------------------------        --   Many thanks      Jules

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