Thursday, 29 November 2012

These Three things of Illness are....

If you sing that to "we three kings",,,, but that what entered my head.

Theres a few personal "Getting Personal " entries.

Maybe this one should be called
  "Sometimes Illness is Invisible"

Heres one I wrote today :

Dont know if everyone knows what my illness involves so here goes...

Was just thinking of last two Transient Elastography tests (Fibroscans) . 

First of those two fibroscan had a number of average 14 which indicated last one showed 10.2 which is no way normal but is better, 

this almost certainly due to the two tablets I take beating shit out of my 

blood borne chronic virus which, btw will never leave, it'll be squashed as

 long as the tablets carry on working and I can stand to take them. 

Untraceable is the term they use when present, not gone, but 

suppressed.The pure presence of any of it is a threat to me, and is a 

contributor by its presence to fatigue, as is the damage its caused. 

Aparrently 4.9 on the fibroscan is normal.  So Treated as cirrhotic is what 

they do now. FIBROSCAN measures disease damage by fibrosity (stiffness) check  BTW.

 I have a

 cross check Ultrasound thing next friday is why I was thinking these 

thinky stuffs.

The bad boy tablets dual treatment for that bit is backed by several 

supplements too. The bad boys as I call them cause fatigue too and 

incidental dizziness. 

Yet, and this might be illogical, the main worry in my head is the bowel 

disease I have, as its super disruptive at the worst of times, and 

inconvienient at  best. Plus theres resultant body stuff, and head issues. 

Often caused by 

chronic illness. 

One of those, Depression is as its diagnosed, i'm sure its 

a bit more 

complex. There. I Hope that lets you know a bit. The gruesome details 

omitted for sanity and clarity. The Bowel/digestive thing, the blood 

virus, the damage inside, the head

 issues - all very serious illness. AND OFTEN *YOU* WONT SEE ANY OF 


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