Sunday, 4 November 2012

A " little" annoying to say the least ....

Having treated place and dog at least three times in last three weeks...

EVEN More flea treatment needed. Stubborn buggers. just found three on dog. Does this never bloody end.? I thought it would be Sprays etc will be bought tomorrow.
On advice recieved better i wait till I can afford the Top Notch Stuff .... yikes a week while tuesday.

If there was a creator would he create vampiric tiny fuckers that serve no purpose WHATSOEVER but to annoy dogs and their owners. No.

I won't give up. they need rid.

I was told there's no blame, not my fault etc etc etc, but it does feel like it, and i'm sure others have felt that OMG feeling too.

 Last time this happenned was about 2and a half years ago, and it took about 4 weeks to get rid.

Ever seen one?

*Many Thanks



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  1. Seen 'em? I've been bitten senseless by them! 3 outdoor cats= flea hell! I know many have already said this but it really, really isn't your fault that this has happened. Heated homes and carpet is heaven for fleas!

    I hope you don't mind me sharing my method of getting on top of this. I finally managed to get on top of it with a can of Virbac Indorex spray (a whole can will protect a 4 bed house for 12 months- approx £16 & available in Sainsburys) & Advocate spot on for the cats.

    When buying spot-ons don't buy Bob martins (has killed pets) & Frontline has led to a strain of resistant fleas!

    Good luck in nailing the little sods!