Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Just a little on The "I get you" thing

Its strange isnt it that theres intersectionality across many serious and chronic illnesses in terms of symptoms?

Not strange really, cos bodies are all same design, essentially, and theres only so many exhibiting of problems combos at the limit. Interesting to think about.

 The reason i was thinking about it is several people ive spoken to with different illnessess, get some/many same effects.

One example? is Post Exertional Malaise. Another is the mental issue some call Malady. Which is tired and fed up of thinking and dealing with the illnesses.
(I can be worse, like depresession, even clinical depression in some cases)

There are many more. Probably not worth me trying to list. You may know anyway, or you may not. 

This thought chain has arisen as i AM helping someone come to terms with a DX* they have, using my journey path with mine to try to show that post DX is hard, and then understanding the changes although difficult is essential in my humble opinion. Sharing and saying "Me TOO" really does help, more than people realise.

Dealing with the meds too can be an issue, but i shant explore that here.

My way was to look further into my stuff and BE expert patient. That sounds silly. Understanding the dx is important, what it can mean etc. It can help . I'll stop thisas its really saying not a lot, but a lot at the same time.

Its an area worth deeper thought, anyway. This being quite a scratch on the surface.

*Note > Dx= diagnosis for those that dont know reading this. 

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  1. Totally with you on this one. A disease process, is just that, regardless of the disease, particularly chronic ones.
    It's extremely helpful talking to other people about how your own particular illness affects you. It may not be in the same way. The empathy is that, as sufferers of chronic conditions we completely understand the physical and mental effort it takes to cope with it, every single day, hour, minute.
    It is exhausting.