Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Are people thick? It seems DWP might be , people arent ..


DWP say :
Look for jobs up to a 90 minute commute away. Travelling further opens up more vacancies

I say, socially and economically the following:
DWP , should think though the cost of 90mins there, 90 mins back, travel cost, or even possibility in places is dire..
And sometimes 90 minutes means different things like in car, on bike, by means of walk, or public transport.. or private costly train.. so how can they judge compliance?
What is a 90 minute away job?
So definining 90 minutes, is arbitrary, sometimes unachievable. And if low paid, travel cost punitive.
People ( who generally are sensible about search thresholds) arent expecting jobs at the end of their road, anyway, but just what toll it takes on them, cost and other factors transpire

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