Monday, 28 March 2016

Fought myself whether to Blog this TW child abuse thoughts

On 13th March 2016 had a long conversation with a friend about childhood abuse, its affects and PTSD. now the first aspect is hidden too much, and second third issues are similar and also discounted often as non existent. The conversations ive had many times i read that it all is something that has profound effects, both because it actually happening/happenned, and then compounded by people denying its effects.
I watched, and was moved by this inherrent denial attitude, a "Kidnapping" and resolutions film a couple of days before that conversation, a historic one from British Pathe News, where a lad was kidnapped for months and the news reel said " *Peter* (that wasnt his name) can get back to family life easily within days after two months away, hes luck to have his family" Thats abridged... but it still pervades that abuse has zero effect and no affectaction on victim....
This further is vivid with the way the csa enquiries and "historic abuse" cases are investigated. Its not historic to the victims. CSA isnt the only type of abuse either. Theres things like dysphoria suppression, violent, psycologic abuse and more. There is something i wish i could do to shake people to realise that this is an important area, and is dismissed far to easily as a sideline, or as a historic thing as if it has no current effects or isnt happening today. Thats like Turning away and saying "i never saw that, not my business, shant interfere" by doing that those that turn away...Arent they complicit too?
Like the people who knew what my father was like, but did nothing. I concluded they were complicit.

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