Thursday, 17 March 2016

Disability cuts and the "Life chances" doublespeak

Some thoughts.
The meagre below povery awards of any welfare in UK to an individual matters at the absolute level. All the thoughts on billions makes it more pallatable to say "This costs a lot of money" For a second here, think absolutes not totals, not percentages, not Budgets, but think of lives.
Think of the Prime Minister sending a message out saying with this budget we've improved life chances for the vulnerable (which he did, shortly after budget, or his team , at least did.
If you are below poverty level of what is deemed reasonable and expected by the general population, and JRF analyse this quite a bit, and money is removed... AND services removed (which is a Money + item, but cant be counted as income) How in the name of whoever or whatever you believe in is that improving life chances?
The double speak, the perniciousness, the grins and jeers. It even looked when the chancellor sat down from his speech my instant thought was "Then, Just then, did he do a mr Bean impersonation" as his face wasnt that of remose and what have i done, but rather a See, I did it! a la Bean, expression.
The news state latest cuts as 1.3 billion, fact checking been carried out by several conscientious and reputable journalists and they put this figure at 4.4billion.
Lets get back though to Individuals. Already, motabilty cars being lost as people no longer quality under extremely punitive mobility rules.
Where isolation mitigated in part, isolation is increasing.
Will there be , and there probably already are, people that have never seen a disabled person or know one? does this sound weird? not if you extrapolate.
Bear with me on this.
The alresdy tight heat or eat thing is well established. Rent crisis also established. They isolate people. People still manage , in some cases to maintain contact with people.
With less money, this Drift to isolation is unfortunately a known product of reduced funds.
So hardly improving life chances , is it?
Congratulations Mr Osborne. Using disabled as singular most revenue generation in this budget (See table 2.1 of the Budget- the red book, towards the end)

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  1. They are using the "notional card" as if no support in future is better than removal-you won't miss what you haven't had.I presume they think they are fooling people,rather than revealing themselves as misanthropic fools.