Sunday, 20 March 2016

From Paula Peters : a guest blog from a Disability Activist on IDS resignation

Paula writes: I have so many feelings about IDS right now am struggling to find the words. I know several hours after his resignation I sat on the sofa unable to sleep sobbing my heart out. I thought about my friends and their families will grieve for the rest of their lives. No resignation will ever change that. So many people have lost loved ones and friends and many in tragic appalling circumstances. Thousands of human beings are dead because of IDS and this evil government. IDS has blood on his hands and nothing will ever ever change that. That is not social justice Iain Duncan Smith, your polices killed, tortured, traumatised millions that is something you should hang your head in shame for IDS.
That you say today your reforms were about social justice is utter rot. They were ideological, intent to cause distress, harm and kill as many people as possible. You simply did not care about anyone you inflicted pain on.
We consign you to the dustbin of history I hope one day I can get your voice and your head out of my head. Because you caused countless sleepness nights, nightmares, and pain I know I will never able to be able to talk about
The policies of your inhumanity remain. You will be remembered as one of the most reviled politicans of the tory will always be known as IDS, murderer, blood on your hands from those who died due to the WCA, died to the sanctions, died due to the stress and fear of the assessments, job centre visits and the discrimminatory rheotric you used on a daily basis against those who you thought were nothing in your eyes.
Each and everyone of us are human beings...something you know nothing about because you need to have a heart to be human and you were always born without one.
You are heartless and no excuses will ever change it.
Last night with all the media surrounding us it was surreal, it was emotional, it was raw, it was numbing, it was strange. It was so overwhelming. From barely having any media coverage for almost six years, to everyone wanting a picture, an interview with all of us it was tough. At times we did not have the words we so wish we could have said. I broke down at one point talking to the channel 4 journalist she had tears in her eyes when talking to me and to many of us.
The fight is far from over. Until we get our rights restored to us, until we get this government to face justice for the deaths of thousands and the suffering of millions this fight will never be over.
Forgive me if i sound emotional, Spent part of the day in tears, still cant get my head around any of it. its been a tough six years. i have seen too many people die due to the callousness of this government, seen too many people struggle and suffer.
I hate everything you stand for IDS. karma will come to you. what goes around comes around.....and you will get yours. in this life or the next.
We have long memories and we will never ever let you get off lightly from six years of hell.
Karma is something IDS you will find will judge you very very harshly.

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