Friday, 18 March 2016

Where Rhetoric affects lives in a collision of misled truth v reality

VIA @fractalbears on twitter
A lot of us were saying pre-2010 that a Tory win would mean the suffering of a lot of disabled people. Very few people believed us.
They promised that disabled people would be protected, that we need to care for the most vulnerable in society (as they still are).
They got around it by claiming enormous levels of fraud, that we have an easy life while others are struggling. Instilling an us vs them.
Despite it being known to be lies, destroying the lives of so many already suffering, they continue even now to do the same.
The divide and conquer rhetoric has weaved it’s way through our society, people can’t wait to vent their anger at someone they’ve seen standing up out of a wheelchair or carrying shopping, having no clue as to their ailments.
The press know this and feed it with stories of scroungers, light on facts and instead full of speculation. MPs pile in by talking about people ‘taking advantage’, feeding it more.
Rather than stand up for us, when the average person speaks of ESA/PIP, the first thing they talk about is ‘if you’re GENUINELY disabled..’
Not that it’s awful so many of us are dying, often by our own hand. Not that we’re losing homes, losing our care, being dragged through hell.
Nope, instead ‘well as long as you’re NOT faking’.
We know what they think of us, what you think of us. We’ve heard you loud and clear.
It’s always “I didn’t mean you, you’re okay, it’s THEM”
They’ll even speak to you about how they saw their neighbour doing this and that “they’re the ones I mean, the people who are faking”. They have no idea of the state of our health but feel they’re in a position to judge.
I’ve had it. I used my disabled badge when spouse drove me to the shops. Someone wrote into the local paper aghast at someone so blatantly “abusing” it simply because I was young, the car was sporty (an MR2), and they couldn’t see what was wrong with me.
I was so crushed.
People are watching us all the time, waiting for us to do something to justify saying “FAKE DISABLED!”, taking pictures of us.. Is it any wonder we’re getting anxious about leaving the house? Going out terrifies me at times. There were enough obstacles already without having to try and avoid unwarranted suspicion.
I’ve been followed, spat on, had my chair moved without permission, spoken down to, verbally abused… and all *because I’m disabled*.
This is what all this rhetoric does, what it culminates as.
Hate crimes are skyrocketing because of it.

Me: This is a serious experience. This is truth. This is what many should understand and incorporate into what they actually believe. The media is destroying society, and hampering lives, as is the current govt. I do believe the current govt is not countering misconceptions as part of their well secret NUDGE unit.I also believe they are supplying messages to further this message of deserving / undeserving. This position i hold is from observation and a desire for the truth I hold - to them division is control. It is time we reclaimed both correct understandings, compassions, cares, and didnt fight suspiciously amonst each other . 

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