Thursday, 10 March 2016

I did an ask, imagine if someone asked for me


With all the trans visibility, and everyone THINKING that makes it easier, JULIE trying to come out as Trans and become woman has had quite a few assaults and serious injuries in a so called tolerant society. The NHS in JULIES life did three NO. If I write No, NO, NO, that might show you at least mentally how gatekeepers to peoples reality work. Unless you fit. You need to fit a standard that has support, BACK UP, AND YES EVEN MONEY. And even then they may say NO. Common thought on this is that its an industry of least risk to themselves. IGNORING RISK TO PERSON WISHING THEIR TRANSITION, AND ASSISTED FACILITATION . Julie was told Trans people are selfish to the point of that’s all that matters to them… AS part of the NO process . Julie is a social person. And cares about people, cant be selfish by any measure deemed as criteria. Julie always knew she was a girl to become woman from an early age. Her Father abusively smashed her to behave masculine at every opportunity. Involving punches, restrictions of activities, even confinement though their embarrassment. Julie was pushed to act male. Julie is still physically a man. Julie exists and is being squashed. Julie is at the point where all the no’s just don’t make sense anymore. Julie needs to finance hormones, safely, electrolysis and other aspects of transition because SHE has realized that all the NO were based on fear, and the father couldn’t accept either that he’d given his seed to such as her. NOW WITHOUT DETAIL AND IDENTIFYING who exactly JULIE is right now. I would urge assistance. All donations matter however small. We need to solve JULIE’s problem

UPDATE AT sunday 17th of april
Managed three month supply but need the next three months ordered MID may. This is important, and i got about £40 of what is needed to that , what remains, i estimate as £225. Thats about 4 weeks to do that. So every little help helps greatly, and if you can , i'd be extremely thankful.

 Also quick link to donate £25.00

So every little bit will help me.

People asking for detail? i wont describe the exact parental abuses, and stuf above referenced but heres a thing on feelings, inside of me...
See also a blog i did 7th may

UPDATE: AT sunday 15th may
I have SOME more tablets, but will still need some more early July ... didnt manage 3 months worth this time, so all the help really does matter.

Update 26th june: I need one of the two tablets i need, one is sorted, the other has run out.

Update 12th October: Ran out of the estrogen.

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