Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Jules (the one where i ask for help)

I am now asking for paypal donations so that i can self medicate, achieve electrolysis and live who i should be against NHS denial about my transexual nature. I should not be a man. Ive always felt that. I cant explain, i just know. That should be enough. Hormones on private market? .. i need them... also need electrolysis, that so far no electrolysist has priced up so i dont what to pay or ask for.
Dont take this post lightly . Ive done years of helping people on all sorts of things. I realise now i need help. and its a very hard thing to say, but yes, i do

I will honour your help with my journey

The help me help others on my donate button is ineed that. It helps me, and helps me help others

I dont be begging here. Im not a beggar. I cant see without help i can really get to be me. If you think its begging? you are wrong. Did i say Ten quid each to a target?  NO. not at all. All im doing is ask for help.

UPDATE: a year, currently minimum of £760. i have £106 towards, and would seriously appreciate even minimum amounts. THIS is my future, and that fund will go on NOTHING else. I cant do this alone . will you help me?
UPDATE 2: another £55 . Thanks.
UPDATE 3: Got to £200. min more of £560 needed. And that will virtually sort a years *basics*

UPDATE 4:  I need next order of tablets at start of May and so all contributions welcomed... and if more that next three months donated it will still be spent on the next three months and further after. I'd hope for support so i can get at least a years, but two years is really a need. So that i dont have the inscurity of start stop, which will be a really non effectual way to do this.
UPDATE 5: 25th March : I have just £15 of the approx £250 needed Before end of april, so can order before run out, and this is worrying. If you can help , it all adds up. What good is three months and stop? None.

 Not made up :
And Made up :

And The flip flop flop flop back and forth is exhausting . Hence my asking for your help .

The flip flop ? not just daily...

Okay i was "double denim, hair down, hour and a half make up &nails done " when i was assaulted 6th June '14 or this mayve happened sooner
Yes my foot and ankle still *remember* the assualt as does my knee. 

I was assualted attempting to come out also in 2007. That assault broke my right clavicle and displace the shoulder, and pulled a few muscles. With cuts to my face too. So 7 years before i tried again . I cant wait any longer .

And if you dont help with a donation, please hit the share button(s) below

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