Saturday, 27 February 2016

My New Mouse

Old mouse died last evening, and i had to replace it. So i have a new mouse.
The old, now dead mouse I LOVED that mouse. I cant Tell you how much, else I'd have to kill you. Lets say when i got it i was exstatic as i got it via a pricing error. Nuff said on that bit.
That ones dead.
The New One? The puter thought it was a KEYBOARD, when i plugged in the usb reciever. Fixed that though.
Anyway, doubts over new mouse, justified, as I told you I loved the other one, and new one is just slightly bigger.
I continue.
New mouse? Has a Speed button on it. That works. Three speeds. Bit kooky that . Also it switches off when machine does.. and to switch on when you switch puter back on ... You do an initial left click. I didnt think it was as funky as last one? It seems to have decieved me. its well funky.
Oh theres more...
Plus its metallic deep red, and rubber side grips. Thems the important bits. But Dont like its click sound.
 Maybe im noticing the click sounds cos the dead one had very very low volume, and this isnt . (from the mouse itself) < THIS, This all is very important sensory information. To someone who loved a mouse that is now dead. Its replacement HAS to prove itself.
 Sounds silly, but it ISNT. Its quite important. Especially with fatigue, these things do matter quite a lot.

But im sure me and new mouse will get along. Now to bury the dead one. 

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