Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Dont Judge Book by cover.. you never know/ More on Invisible stuff

Tenofovir disoproxil, two 10/500 codydramol, strong b vit compound, folic acid, thiamin, and a fybogel. Done, just the now.
Do you know thats the main daily thing? ...then more codydramol (up to 8 a day total) and ibruprofen, if needed. Thats for the rest of my life, unless they change anything. Deffo the T.D. wont be removed- theres no other meds left in the options, ive had all and i mean all the other options....
That IS a daily forever thing. So that one better not give up eh?

So you think that i'd be pretty used to it and it doesnt cause issues in head by now at least.... youd be wrong , its always a constant . what issues, i cant say, but yeah. Also two/three of the DX's, they play with the head. Yup.

So never judge. Cos it could be very complex inside, and you see NONE of it, unless you know. Even then you might be guessing. 

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