Friday, 19 February 2016

I may have solved Why Earworms Exist...

Some people get reminded of tunes for reasons, and others for no reason at all, but the no reason at all Mustve been triggered by something. Let me develop that further. There may be NO ACCIDENTAL EARWORMS AT ALL.. bear with me.

So the first i was reminded of was Rise, by Public Image Limited, when someone was talking about the only energy that keeps them going was anger. That that was their energy. And if you know the song. Theres words in that repeat: "anger is an energy" , so that was that one.

The second was I was reading about the blusterings and distractions of EU negotiations, when theres issues like the health service/ pensions/ and sick and disabled cuts to funding and benefits going on. The song? Comparing Politicians to children and their games? did you guess? Games Without Frontiers, Peter Gabriel.

And now the third. Seeing the plethora of confusion, bombing of hospitals and civilians in several places, if you read up you'll know where..and that so easily that could end up in some immense catastropy..thoughts many have. An accident could trigger that catastropic imagination into reality. Did you guess the song? 99 Red Balloons by Nena, where the premise of that was Accidental release of weather balloons causing a major crisis point situation.

So when you think hard about why you think of a song. Think , is there a reason a song comes to mind?

I may have solved Why Earworms Exist.

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  1. I think you could well be on the right track there Jules. Do some people 'think' in songs?? Hmmm...