Friday, 5 February 2016

Views On this Govt.

A Domestic Abuse Survivor wrote and asked me to share her concerns, and so without edit, i do so below...

Have we ever been hoodwinked or treated so badly by a government in recent times?

I compare this political era to a miserable, abusive, stifling, frightening, damaging relationship I escaped from in 2006.
I escaped because I could. There were steps in place to help me in my desperation. Housing benefit, refuge, support from CAB
and a mental health team. I did it.

There comes a moment of clarity. A searing realisation of the harm being done. The isolation. The sheer terror. THIS PERSON
(OR GOVT) DO NOT HAVE YOUR BEST INTERESTS AT HEART. In the most sinister way, they convince outsiders
they're doing everything possible and this is 'the right thing to do.' It's not.

Look at what government are doing with help of complicit press/media. They're denying justice for all, destroying Social Security,
housing, benefits for sick/disabled, NHS, social care. They stalk our country deciding who deserves to eat or heat their homes, or even
if they deserve homes at all. They're crippling opposition and changing boundaries to their advantage. They're removing voters
from electoral roll who are most likely to vote for opposition. They're pitting one minority group against another. Democracy?
I don't think so.
I escaped in 2006. Today it would be almost impossible. There's one abuser bigger than all the rest. Our own government.

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