Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Three Strikes and Out? Why is he still in post?

Iain Duncan Smith Lied over his CV BBC prove He Lied over qualifiations

Iain Duncan Smith Lied Over Tax credit Stats Total Bollocks

Iain Duncan Smith is a nasty bastard too Un-needed Unprofessional Anger

Sonia Poulton said on her facebook 
 Iain Duncan Smith surely has to be

one of the most reprehensible ministers in recent times, no? That

man will give out any old figure just so long as it fulfils his purpose

 of pushing through reforms that even members of his own party 

found repugnant when it came to voting on them.


Added this from the Guardian: 

The scale of the threat to the coalition's universal credit scheme (UC) has been revealed by figures showing that the IT system required to match employers and banks' records is failing 25% of the time.
Fears that the centrepiece of government welfare reform will not be ready have led to repeated negative Treasury briefings about the problems facing the Department for Work and Pensions.
Labour released the figures as a riposte to claims by the work and pensions secretary, Iain Duncan Smith, that Labour oversaw the creation of a tax credit system that allowed fraud and error to mushroom.
It was the latest salvo in a bitter political battle on welfare before this month's vote on whether benefits should rise by only 1% for the next three years. Labour has all but vowed to vote for a rise in line with inflation.
The shadow work and pensions secretary, Liam Byrne, and his deputy, Stephen Timms, have fought a campaign to prove that the complex technology necessary for UC is not ready, and that the system will not create the promised incentives to work. Duncan Smith has virtually staked his political reputation on delivering the system on time and on budget.
Labour's latest blast pointed to an admission by the Treasury secretary, David Gauke, that the system underpinning UC failed for over a quarter of pilot cases in November.
Labour said Gauke's answers to a parliamentary question showed that in half a million cases that month, the IT system could not match wage payment records correctly, and claimed that Revenue & Customs "will have to decide to make universal credit payments on the basis of incomplete, or plain wrong, information".
Timms said: "Universal credit is now in real danger of arriving in universal chaos. This scheme is supposed to launch this year, but the RTI [real-time information] system is getting more than a quarter of transactions wrong. This scheme is now in danger of an IT meltdown. If ministers don't urgently act to fix this soon millions of families' tax credits will be put at risk."
The RTI system was developed to enable universal credit payments to be made on a monthly basis taking into account actual income. When an employee receives their monthly wage, both the employer and the employee's bank must let HMRC know how much the employee has been paid. Both the employer and the bank use a hashtag that identifies the employee. But on the basis of figures supplied, this is not happening on a sufficiently regular basis.
Gauke, in an answer to a parliamentary question tabled by Timms, revealed that in 526,608 cases in November, the hash identifiers in RTI pilots did not match – more than a quarter of all cases. In June more payments were unmatched than matched.
Ruth Owen, HMRC's head of RTI, had recently told the Treasury select committee that the hash matches have 95% accuracy.
The requirement for real-time information is the biggest change to the pay-as-you-earn tax system since it was introduced in 1944 and will represent a significant payroll challenge to many employers. Already accountancy magazines are full of employers' complaints about the cost and complexity of the scheme.
Patrick Wintour - 1st Jan. 
And from twitter ....
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Look forward to the @Telegraph printing a clarification that IDS's claims on tax credits - published in the paper - were bogus via web retweeted by 101 others
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Cheated to get in2 Gov with help of dim cousins~the Ostrich Party,stole our NHS and legal rights and only answer Qs with lies#IDSsociopaths via Twitter for BlackBerry®

REGARDING IDS BEING ASKED TO LEAVE CURRENT POST during the reshuffle, i asked the question, Heres One reply
cwugraham Could it having something to do with a PM with less spine than an earthworm? #Cameron #spineless via Twitter for iPhone in reply to Jules_Clarke

Here are hints of fascism
  1. Powerful and continuing expressions of nationalism
  2. Disdain for the importance of human rights
  3. Identification of enemies/scapegoats as a unifying cause
  4. Supremacy of the military/avid militarism
  5. Rampant sexism
  6. A controlled mass media
  7. Obsession with national security
  8. Religion and ruling elite tied together
  9. Power of corporations protected
  10. Power of labor suppressed or eliminated
  11. Disdain and suppression of intellectuals and the arts
  12. Obsession with crime and punishment
  13. Rampant cronyism and corruption
  14. Fraudulent elections

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    Colin Traynor, life long epileptic."FIT FOR WORK",APPEALED but died before finding out he had WON appeal. Monster IDS go to HELL NOW via web Almería, Spain retweeted by 1 other

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    IDS thinks an £11 rise in benefits over 5 years is 'greedy'. No IDS, what is greedy is giving rich people over £100,00 in tax cuts is greed via web retweeted by 8 others
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    @Jules_Clarke sheez its unbelievable, the man is a liar on his own C.V. as well !!!! Horrified. via Tweet Button in reply to Jules_Clarke

    NOW A SUPERB TWEET LordRennard BLK @ DM FAV RT QUOTE SHARE TRANS 6 mins ago Original Post Thread
    @Jules_Clarke I think I did my bit to help bring down IDS as Tory Leader helping Sarah Teather win Brent East! v


  1. Someone needs to stop IDS in his beloved 'tracks'; he's becoming absolutely reckless and runaway in the wild & frankly absurd sweeping statements which he is coming out with in defence of his all too clearly failing radical overhaul of the welfare system.

    He's dismissive of deaths arising out of the Work Capability Assessments in the ESA reassessment programme. A programme which is in absolute chaos with appeals up by 40%, 425,000 stuck in an 'assessment phase' lasting 12 months and despite millions (and yes it really is millions) of DWP decisions (topping 130,000 per month as revealed by Robert Devereux in Parliament) the overall IB claimant count has gone down by all of 32,900 in four years of the programme - it's not achieving anything and looks very unlikely to be concluded by IDS's planned merger date in 2014/15 into Universal Credit.

    It's not even universal, many claimants on four separate benefits will still be on four benefits after implementation; it's a frankly ludicrous claim for IDS to call it 'one single streamlined payment!

    Tax credits are bound to have increased since 2003. For one they included Child Tax Credits as the replacement for child dependency additions in other benefits - it's obvious there will be a rise!

    IDS just doesn't get the welfare benefits system. The whole process of annual reconciliation was meant to reduce the need for regular reporting of changes. An overpayment is a natural by - product of the process and means it gets carried forward from one year to the next - much of it is simply the system rather than fraud.

    The problem has always been acceptance of official error by the HMRC when it came to the correct inputting of a change in the customer's circumstances. It was wrong to do away with statutory rights of appeal and now people find themselves stuck with whatever HMRC decides in application of their 'discretionary code' on overpayment recovery. IDS is doing nothing to change this, indeed he is making it many times worse by further reducing the rights to dispute,reducing the reportable income level thresholds and regularity at which the claimant has to report changes - it's an absolute recipe for disaster.

    In truth; IDS is now realizing the complexities within a system which he stupidly thought was 'simple to fix The reason these complexities are coming to light is because his beloved friends in IT are flagging up error after error as they 'cleanse' claims before moving them towards the now doomed Universal Credit. It's all about pointing the finger at the claimant rather than at those who call everything 'broken' without having the first clue as to how to fix it.

    The other problem IDS has is that which he has with his own chancellor; Osborne's not giving him enough cash to do the job properly and until they get their own budget sorted out IDS should stop throwing his toys out of the pram and blaming the claimant and concede defeat before this goes spectacularly pear - shaped.

    This madness has to stop IDS.

    Read more:

  2. Johnny Vaughan used to have Iain Duncan Smith on his BBC TV show as a regular guest, he thought IDS was the best Tory ever. Sadly have yet to find any footage online, but sure to be some embarrassing comedy gold if anyone can dig it up.

  3. Does IDS Goose step at home. After all Hitler wasn't known for telling the truth, hating minority groups and having a rather hot temper against people who contradicted him-sound familiar? But there . is certainly no Goebels in sociopathic Tory party. There is also the sanity question. IDS and Hitler both a few hail Marys short of a halo.
    NO IDS certainly not all there- well not all that was there in his CV.
    His priest probably gave him a few hail Marys (if he didn't lie about his sins that week) but no god or especially mother would forgive him- but then the church has got away with a lot of shit too recently. "Work Will Set You Free" Now where did I see that before.Lobbycom

  4. If he is a Christian then the Bible says"Be true unto thyself" It does NOT say "Lie to everyone else"!!!!

  5. Words fail me that I should have lived to see this kind of man creating these policies in this 'country fit for heroes' forged as it was from the ruins of WWII by the labour and sweat of ordinary working people that he will now betray wholesale. Despicable

  6. Could someone please make a video game where you have to pin the toothbrush moustache onto IDS?

  7. This man should be publically fucked and burned

  8. he is a cunt put him in a bedsit and let him live on 53 pound aweek for the rest of his sorry cunting life