Thursday, 10 January 2013

Latest getting personal post

I just emailed my MP . More should do same on situations like this.

Dear Sir Gerald Kaufman,

I would sincerely hope you can help on a matter regarding the last Work Capability Assessment for myself.
Without intimate detail i will outline my question in brief, based on occurrences that happened.

I attended an Assessment with a witness.
At close of the assessment I asked if there was all information covered or anything else you need to tell me, or me tell you.
The Health Professional said I think we have finished.

On leaving the witness actually said I think they know you cannot work. He is a Board Member for Central Manchester Foundation NHS Trust

I waited a few weeks and had a phone call from the DWP

In summary the DWP caller said
We are calling to let you know results of assessment and ATOS have recommended you are fit for work.

(At this point my heart fell and stress was immense)

A tiny pause later and the caller said BUT DWP have found something on your ESA50 form and we have overturned that decision and can tell you you have Work Related Activity Group.

I asked What Did You Find... The caller could give me no info or feedback on that.

This is in my opinion a failure of WCA and uneccessary cost for the Govt, and leaves me short of information about me.

I've spoken to several people and they feel that an overturned decision should be fully explained.

There is also a question as to whether an incorrect fit for work decision in a report to DWP by ATOS classes as libellious, based on the fact of an honest claim and statement being decreed a lie.

This email is also a signal "In general terms" many people get this treatment, which in my view is draconian at the very least.

Can you ask the Minister responsible for Relations between DWP and Atos and working proceedures in the WCA for comment on this , as many people suggested I write this email to yourself.

I thank you for your representation in this matter , in advance.

Yours sincerely,


  1. Jules rightly questioning what the hell is going on if ATOS find him 'fit for work' but the DWP overturns it with content on his ATOS form & why nobody can tell him what information from the form he filled in himself was used.

  2. Same here Jules, I appealed and the decision was "reconsidered in my favour" a few months later and I was placed in the WRAG. No explanation or reason given. There wasn't any information provided to inform me that I could appeal this decision too. I would have done so at the time if I'd known. I'm sure they just park you in the WRAG because it's convenient for them but people are ending up in the WRAG when they should be in the support group.

    1. Mine didnt get to appeal , blatant telephone statement from DWP was almost word for word " We found something they missed so we're giving you wrag" see this other post re the Personal Advisor Interview :

  3. So surely that shows atos isn't for for purpose!

  4. ATOS are data crunchers basically. Any perameters can be fed in whether directed or random.Therefore if IDS feels under pressure this IT company will change outcome.Unfortunately this creates even more random decisions that can not be logically explained because there is no clinical evaluation or objective personal qualitative decisions. Obviously advantage for IDS and confusion with difficulty to argue for claimants. Data crunching and bbean counting.That's what ATOS do and how they became so discredited.

    Hope there's a worthwhile reaction from Mr Kaufman. Great site and really good views.Keep up good work. @lobbycomm

    1. Reply was that ATOS gave me 12 points and DWP awarded another 8. What info was omitted/ ignored was not disclosed in the DWP response via my mp.